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'Suck it and see' sailing: the empirical rig

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With due deference to thousands of years of nautical lore I dips me lid to the mariner past and give myself over to the golden rule of practical experience.

So I am, therefore, hoping for the best. 

Each time I tackle the rigging of my humble craft so that it can be  better prepared to harnesses wind in a forward direction I am contained (and reminded) by my own weather experience upon the shallow waters of Deception Bay.

Will my rig  hold together? Will my rig  move the craft and its shipmate forward -- rather than under or apart?

I may have my ingredients on hand but when you start making the all togethers the scheme in your head -- my head that is --  doesn't always work as intended.

I always have to wonder: will this work with a 15 knot breeze bashing it from the south east? 

The good news is that I can grab the mast -- that's the diagonal thingee in the front (it is a diagonal mast) -- and easily pivot the  hull below it around, every which way but pull it forward so that it dives into the grass below it. 

That must be good -- great! if I was a sailor on a sea of grass.  


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