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The 'Running Nuns' are on dailymile too.
I may only be on board with the dailymile  website for a little over a week but as motivational web sites go, this one works for me. This is my chance to brutally rule over myself and keep my urgent need to exercise up front.

I've used a few sites in the past but for bells and whistles -- in optional detail -- dailymile has enough apps to keep the obsessed obsessed.

As Sister Mary Agnes (Running Nuns) says:
I kept hearing Dailymile come up in the running blogosphere, and so I finally joined the network. Dailymile has some similarities to Facebook, but it is geared particularly for active people. When I first heard about it, I figured that excluded me, since at the time I was still trying to struggle out of the sedentary state. However, when I got on Dailymile I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is easy to post workouts, no matter how small. 
dailymile does not have a 'kickbike' category unfortunately so finding scootering company isn't easy. Nor is there enough credits for exercise that does not go over a distance. It is 'dailymile' after all. (Don't worry, us metric users are catered for.)

But if you were planning on an exercise regime, engaged in one or wanted to keep up the focus by logging your achievements -- sign on with dailymile.

As Sister Mary says, it's free. 


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