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I shell/you shell: the Magic Shell Workout

My 10 Shells
I can see the marketing options already on late night television: The 10 Shell Workout  -- up against the Ab-Circle Pro and Zumba.

And all I would have to do is send the insomniac customer 10 shells. That's all: send them ten magic shells. (As magical as any late night six pack abber dabber do or weight loss device.)

These aren't big shells, or special ones. They're just beach pick ups that  in one row will number to ten.

That's it. That's my new workout: moving those shells into one neat row.
Customer endorsement  goes in here...
But before you are allowed to move a shell  you have to do 1 minute of intense exercise.

That's the rub.

Since I'm slowly recovering from my crippling knee injury I am slowly getting back into the kettlebell lifting and boxing.

Very slowly apparently.(Or so my body tells me.)

So I alternate: one minute on the kettlebells; followed by one minute with the gloves  punching the bag. Then back on the bells...

With little respites -- time taken to line up the shells -- in between.

Of course I could move up the scale and, in time, tackle the 15 Shell or even the 30 Shell workout. But then I'd need to get more shells....and around here, shells  there are aplenty. I could also rule that I need to work longer before I earn the right to move each shell.

If I want longer respites all I need do is line up my shells father away from where I pick up the gloves or bells.


I shell means I will.

Shell Values:
  1. Kettlebell lift
  2. Left Right box
  3. Kettlebell swing
  4. Upper Cuts
  5. Kettle clean and jerk right
  6. Left Right Left
  7. Kettle clean and jerk left
  8. Right Left Right
  9. Kettlebell Bench Press
  10. Left Right box


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