eReading the eBooks: an update.

I've been transferring my library of books on the IPad to the Kobo eReader . To my surprise -- using Calibre -- it works. It is a simple drag and drop then import. I was using several eReader apps on the iPad and I'm working through my ePub and pdf content . Of course the Kindle app is a closed shop and a few others are DRM locked up...

I'm looking forward to converting the pdfs to ePub format (using Calibre) as for text the reading experience is much better on ePub than the cumbersome pdf. 

From Calibre it is an easy one click to sync content to the library on board the Kobo eReader. 

Now that I have over 30 titles on the Kobo it is remarkable how fickle I can be -- here reading from one novel, then reading something else before browsing to a different text...with access to  all content a finger touch away. 

It's like having a library browser -- and I still haven't set up wifi yet! (That also mean I don't as yet have Adobe DRM reader on board. Bugger.)
Update:  I do now have Adobe on board and it was a simple business once Adobe Digital Editions was installed on my desktop computer of simple transferring the books across. That means I can now read books offered by my local  digital public library for the time specified by each loan. They appear on Kobo as per the standard interface . Of course I cannot convert these titles to ePub if they are in locked up  pdf... but why! why! offer anyone a novel in pdf! But hey, they do...
Handy Tip: Zamzar is a free online converter which allows you to convert Kindle to ePub/PDF for Kobo.


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