Logging Kickbiking Journeys

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Since I'm rebooting my kickbiking focus by extending my route and increasing my intensity -- my whole scootering lifestyle is being revamped.

I've started to use the dailymile website to keep myself focused and the recording of my distances have offered me some routine and discipline. 

I have been using the great gMaps Pedometer  but dailymile offers more in way of record keeping. Both sites are essential bookmarks.

My distances are being shared here in the side column of the Kickbike & Kettlebell main page.

Wet tootsies

Along with the logging I have got myself another pair of shoes to scoot in.  I have been relying on Dunlop Volleys but since I also wade the waters during my scootering excursions, these, with their cotton mesh uppers, quickly begin to fall apart. While I had replaced these with a plasticated Dunlop pair of trainers, albeit with a much thicker sole, these shoes also fell apart.

So I'm now wearing -- to very good effect so far -- a Denali water shoe.  "Water" shoes seem very much of a muchness but the logic of them for scootering -- despite my own preference for  wading in water -- is that they have a shallow heel. It's like wearing ballet shoes. They're light and make the hop change from left to right foot while pushing along an easy business.

They're also made from waterproof plastic material. 

So now I am comfortably amphibian....


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