Hiking the bush: the Glass House Mountains

Footed it today around the Trachyte Circuit at the base of Mt Tibrogargan in the Glass House Mountains .

Lovely countryside (see images on my Beachmere blog) with some startling views.

The circuit is rough in places and demands some fitness to master as the inclines are steep and gravelled.

This is one of many local Glashouse Mtn tracks of varying levels of difficulty.
To be back bushwalking -- and to be able to sustain long walks regardless of terrain -- would be wonderful.I haven't actively bushwalked since the seventies and early eighties when I hoofed it over all the slopes of the Western Victorian high country with the Mt Howitt region being my favorite stamping ground. My illness has taken a toll, you see -- culled my activity options as heading off may be stymied by the prospect of not being able to so easily return.
Today it was a breeze for me-- only 7 km -- despite the terrain,  and makes me confident I can accept many more bush challenges.


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