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Paddleski outing

I took the paddleski out for a spin on the local lake. The lake is not open as it is surrounded by housing so the wind gusts are uneven as I tried to sail with my umbrella.  Navigation while 'sailing' was a problem as the craft pulls either left or right despite its catamaran hull. Leeboarding may indeed be in order, the sooner the better -- and some form of rudder that's not a paddle. Nonetheless, when the rain came bucketing down I kept comfortably dry under my large golf umbrella...I stretched out and floated among the elements.

Taking the opportunity to test my gear in deeper waters, I pitched my newly made sea anchor (materials: 4 shopping bags) over the side and it worked  a treat. It was anchored by big bag volume.

So there I was, paddling too and fro in semi circuits of the pondage, between rain squalls with only my paddle and the wash of diving stingrays breaking the surface of the water.


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