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Knee woe to go

After three weeks of crippling pain in my right knee I am beginning to get my life back. I pulled my medial whatever -- a bit on the inside of my knee joint -- while rolling around on the gym ball 'pushing the boundaries'. 
Huh! How ironic. Headline: exercise designed to relieve pain and stiffness while promoting flexibility and mobility has dire contrary consequences! 
There ain't much you can do without  the knee. It is an evolutionary weakness in the human -- bipedal, upright stance -- engineering. Sit, sleep, roll over, walk, stand....all knees up issues.

A fatal flaw...which you  recognise -- and very often indeed  -- once the knee is injured and you have such very often cause to bend it.

So I've been dragging my legs through the seawater -- straightened legs like oars on a galley -- as my form of DIY physiotherapy. The water is Autumn-weather clear so I can navigate a course between stingrays and trudge on like John Wayne -- walk like I've got timber in my crutch.

For those who may be considering the  knee injury lifestyle I also suggest that a Mibo Scooter  is an optional transit vehicle. Because you can 'row' your legs on a Mibo , rather than having to bend them as you need do on a kickbike -- I have found I can still get around scootering when walking the distance was just too painful. So I've been scootering to the water's edge, dismounting to then  wade in the water along the shore line using my legs like stilts. 

And today -- hallelujah ! -- I have gone forth. Taken up my pallet and walked...
...at least better than I have been walking before.
"Hello shoelaces! I will soon bendeth my knee to tie thee". 


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