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If you want to bathe in style, bathe in a tent.

Having moved residence to a place that does not boast a bath tub my often pained body yearns for a good soak in a hot bath. Haven't had one of those for many months.

What to do? 

Retrofit the bathroom at much unaffordable expense?

Go without? "Please, no," said I.

So we decided to 'put in' and outdoor bathroom.  Not as easy as it appears, this plumbing for bathing business outdoors.

Undaunted,we opted to  proceed by a cheap route. (Hot tubbing and spa baths are not cheap routes).
  1. Bought an inexpensive bath tub.  (Tooltip: Try before you buy. Sit in and stretch out. After previously being sentenced to stubby bend-your-knee bathtubs with shallow sides  you value roominess.)
  2. Spent  a lot of time hunting down the outlet connectors so that the outlet/plug gauge ran down to 13 mm hose fitting. And the hot and cold water had a switch valve at the bath end.
  3. Bought a camping duo shower tent (pictured above). 
  4. Cannibalised a couple of garden hoses and attached them to the outdoor tap and the laundry hot water outlet (unused as we launder in cold water).
  5. Raised the bath above ground by resting it on sand bags. Plenty of sand here.
  6. Connected the outlet to a garden hose to  harvest  the grey water created by our ablutions.
  7. Turned on the taps...
  8. Used a space blanket to keep in the bathwater heat
  9. Bathed.
Ah: hot water bathing...
There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.
--Sylvia Plath
What pleasure. No better relief for all that all-over, non specific, crippling connective tissue pain I am so very familiar with. Guaranteed. I have gone so long without this respite and the glorious feeling of soaking while heating is such a pleasure. 

There is nothing like a hot bath. Nothing.

And when outdoors, you can open up the flaps and commune with nature...and nature can commune with you.

When the wind blows cold, you're inside, easily flapped up and cosy. *

A bathtub with a view.
If you want to bathe in style, bathe in a  tent.

*Afterthought: If I seal the vents maybe I can make up  a sort of steam room, a sweat tent-- like the Native American Sweat Lodge. by using a steam wallpaper stripper for extra moist heat.

A Crow sweat lodge.--Museum of the American Indian


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