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My Boutique Note Taking : "Once heard, my dear Copperfield, make a note of."

WC Fields as Mr Micawber
The Moleskine

Since I use Google Chrome as my browser I am much taken with the Extensions available for any number of online tasks.

In normal everyday activity I rely on my Moleskine  which, while significantly dearer than most pocket note books, is without doubt the very best portable form I've ever used for out and about note taking.

So while I hand write my scribbles of this and that and standardly use the soft cover Moleskine to plot out my Mindmapping  -- a practice I am fortunately dependent upon -- there are times that I want to register my note taking online.

This is where a few Chrome Extensions are of use.
  • For annotating pages to remind me about significant content I use Note Anywhere. I note my bookmarks with Note Anywhere, for instance.
  • Since I'm not a calendar driven person I use RemindMe for upcoming events or schedules.
  • And for my What is to be done lists I'm experimenting with Todoist...
This is not about being obsessive as I have cognitive issues as a consequence of my chronic illness. To be able to engineer some measure of technical control over my existence -- to plan what you do so that there is method in the mental mess -- is a discipline I am absolutely dependent upon in order to live a less handicapped life.

To be able to note down any odd or sod of information -- when you know that your mind won't do it for you -- is sort of empowering.


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