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Mibo scootering 12 kilometres to the bus stop

Went out and about on the Mibo C(K)omfort Folding scooter after the recent handlebar refit.Calculation  suggests that I raked up 12.2 kilometres, from Sandgate railway station (where I got off with my scooter) to a bus stop on the Redcliffe Peninsular.

I dropped in on Kite Power en route and at the other end of my scootering, on Anzac Avenue, I caught a afternoon bus back home by simply folding the thing and boarding.

That I could notch up a good 12 kms despite pushing against a stiff north easterly wind (maybe 15 knots) suggests that you can do  a lot on a Mibo.

[But you cannot crouch into the wind for aerodynamic adaption...]

Sandgate was awash with cyclists in their fashion clobber. Many parked a la sucking cafe latte , so in my usual about town gear -- nothing sporty at all-- I seemed a tad out of cycling place. With my everyday 10 litre knapsack, shorts, cotton shirt and pair of Dunlop Volleys   I was not the fashion plate.

Not even hybridised.

Umbrella Sailing

But at KitePower I got to talking about sailing a paddleski with the Kayakite in mind and the ruling is that I best not bother going down that route. Given that where I live and paddle suffers prevailing onshore easterlies -- and offshore easterlies only in the Winter months -- me and a kite aint gonna get anywhere special.

Better, we concluded, to setlle on -- an umbrella for sailing

However, kite fishing....Now there's an option!


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