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Folding Scooters for commuting

My daughter -- who like her da does not like to drive -- wants a means to get to work and was thinking of getting a bicycle.

Unless you live more than -- let's say -- 5 kilometres from your workplace and are especially keen to travel on the road for your commute it is well worth considering the advantages that a folding scooter offers... over a bicycle.

I, of course, scoot with a Mibo and I love it but I don't expect everyone is going to be so scooter keen that they are going to import their machine like I did from the Czech Republic.

However there is an option ...for locals : the Xootr.

The Xootr has a few advantages over the Mibo.
  1. It's lighter -- the Xootr weighs 4-5 kgm whereas the Mibo is heavier at over 8 kgm.
  2. It's made of a rich  and far more contemporary mix of alloys and aluminium with probably easier to use fold mechanisms.
  3. The folded scooter is neater and more compact.
  4. Its handlebar height is easily extended for different sized riders. 
Nonetheless I think the Xootr has one major drawback:wheel size. The Xootr has a wheel diameter of  7 inches -- 180 mm (which is double that of a micro wheeled Razor scooter) -- but much smaller than the Mibo which is 12 inch diameter ( 304 mm).  

My view is that wheel size does matter. If you are riding the footpaths or uneven road surfaces the smaller your wheel circumference, the more cumbersome and less safe your ride. The Mibo also boasts pneumatic high pressure inflated tires  which will handle many terrains and surfaces whereas the Xootr rolls on polyurethane wheels.

But if you knew your route to be a straightforward, smooth and an uncluttered surface -- then the smaller wheel machine will do just fine.
NYC Kick Scooters

The other advantage of the Xootr is that when you get to work or wherever, the folded package is so small you can take it inside with you and store it under a desk, in a locker or closet.

No need to lock up the beast outside in all weathers and so easy to carry home on public transport or port it in the boot of a car. 

So if you have specific regular journeys in mind -- and you want to keep your scooting below 5 kms -- consider the Xootr. It's only available online from the Australian importer which is a bugger so you don't so easily get to try before you buy.

I haven't riden a Xootr so I cannot make a definitive ruling on the machine. But for short commutes --as I say, under 5 km -- it's worth considering after you map out your likely route.

Elsewhere, the NYC Kick Scooters are keen Xootr-ers. And they seem such a cheery mobile lot.

There's also the cheaper Razor A5 Lux Adult Kick Scooter...


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