The Finn Gadget arrives

After a journey of 3604.32 kilometres --assuming you were a crow flying due north east -- my Finn Gadget has arrived from its Indian Ocean shores .

The rigmarole of moulds and supply is something that is now all past tense and the craft is now  in my hot little Huck Finn hands.

Small, beamy -- with a much more pronounced catamaran hull than I thought --  the Gadget may be called a "kayak"  but its engineering is so pragmatic that my preferred usage of the term 'paddleski' makes more sense as the design is half way to being dinghy-fied.  

Maybe it doesn't suit the preferred operating mode of much of the gung ho 'yak' community but from where I'm coming from --
seeking stability, weight bearing(some 130kgm), buoyancy, ease of lift to and from the shore...
I think I've got what I was after in this plasticated package.

Looking at it -- from my present POV -- it is hard to envisage a change of its  lines and layout.

And it 'fits' nicely atop my cycle cart. Although I don't peddle so much and use it as I once did behind a bicycle, the cart is my everyday cartage vehicle which I push by hand hither and yon.

Voila: this is how I will get the Gadget to  the water's edge 700 metres -- or 2 kilometres --  away. (Let's not mention the tides...!)

I reckon that the aspect that I am dealing with -- I call it 'Steve Erwin Way' -- prompts me to christian the craft something like 'Stingray' or 'Little Stingray' (out of Beachmere).

Many thanks to Finn (in Perth)  and Andrew Pridmore at Paddlestream  in southerly Tasmania for the package and servicing. 


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