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Exercise and the brutal irony of my painful existence

While I may be very physically active  I am in fact crippled by stiffness and pain so that much more often  than I'd prefer I'm popping  analgesia into my mouth.

Since I have gone off one of the primary medications for  treating the neurological pain  of Fibromyalgia  -- amitriptyline hydrochloride -- I am at the receiving  end of much more daily soreness.

Ironically the best response to this is to do a lot of exercise..and compared to my peers I do indeed do a lot of exercise. Exercise is its own analgesia and combats muscle stiffness. 

It's no pain/no pain/no pain/no gain...

Over the past few years I have anchored my exertions with a personal trainer and developed a penchant to box and lift kettlebells . 

Love them bells....

But since I have moved residence I haven't had gym access and have relied on my  other routine stalwarts -- kickbiking and walking --which I do every day.  The break had caused me to slack off lifting the bells and boxing.

However, my very good doctor -- Dr Julian -- insisted I attend an exercise physiologist. She was most   adamant about the  visit.

I complied and the guy reviewed my engagement with exercise and wrote me up a "Kettle Bell Circuit" which exploited my experience and preferences. Despite my exertions over the years, with age especially, I know that I am weak and stiff in certain areas of my challenged bod  especially the knees and hips.  The rigors of illness have ensured that because of this my stride is shortening and my ambulation slowing.

I'm like a brittle,  ageing crab, closing in on itself.

The circuit addresses some of these weaknesses. It can be completed in around 20 minutes. It requires a punching bag, kettlebells and boxing gloves.

It makes me work hard. There is no comfort zone.

Kettle Bell Circuit 
(Reps: 1x10-12)

  1. Clean and Jerk
  2. Straight jabs (30 seconds)
  3. Deadlift
  4. Left. Right. Left Hook. (30 seconds)
  5. Front swing.
  6. Right . Left. Right Hook. (30 seconds)
  7. One arm row.
  8. Quick jabs (30 seconds)
  9. One arm bench press.
  10. Quick upper cuts. (30 seconds)
  11. Walking lunges.
  12. Upper chest stretch
  13. Lats Stretch
  14. Calf stretch.


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