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The delight , oh the delight, of picking your own salad vegetables from your own salad vegetable garden for lunch every day.

It is hard to comprehend that we have been in our new abode less than two months. Driving my engagement with the new territory was my  keenness to get (yet ) another vegetable garden going. 

I am soil dependent in that regard. 
 First the belly then morality --Bertolt Brecht.
Gotta get into the dirt ASAP.

Nonetheless it has come as something of a surprize that in the space of less than 2 months maison Dave has sponsored a very productive vegetable patch "from the ground up".

I say that because I live on sand and the organic matter in way of constituting 'dirt' had to be pinched from elsewhere: horse manure, seaweed, grass cuttings, compost, sweat...

And voila: this is the result:

Salads plus.... in two months.

So that now, come the impulse, I rove the verdant outback, pinching off salad leaves so that I can create on impulse a tasty medley coated in drizzle. 

Variety is all. I can layer a mix of 'weeds' and roll them in olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice or whatever so that I'm chomping my way through a local version of  Mediterranean-ism while  sucking on a red wine to sustain the ambiance.

Weeds can be so tasty and so texture different that you gotta take your hat off to the herbivores...and the Italians. 

Mix and match. I have at my fingertips so many optional combinations that each day is a boutique Bon appetit  experience.

But then as the days roll over and the Summer heat descends my belly and I must contend with the everyday penchant for so many salad vegetables to bolt and quickly run to seed. In the sub tropics that is our culinary curse.


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