Ipadery biziness

Commenting on my everyday use of the iPad is becoming almost de rigeur. The device may not be a great way to create content but it sure makes consuming it a lot easier.

...and exciting. This month the VLC media player was launched as an iPad app so the warhorse of multimedia -- the player that can play anything you may throw at it -- is now iPadded.

Watching videos on the iPad size screen with a pair of earphones plugged in begs a lifestyle change. So I can shift by two clicks from web surfing to ebook reading to video watching on the same tablet....to now writing a blog post.

My favorite apps are the ebook readers, especially Stanza; the Atomic Browser; Goodreader for reading PDF and txt; Reeder for all my feeds; and the VLC media player app.d

I spend my this and that computer time on the iPad and only need to go to my standalone PC to edit and create content.Even though I'm not taking the iPad out and about, I still get great utility moving about the house -- at tables, desks, abed, on a lounge,for kitchen based referencing,etc.

I'm afraid I'm an ipadoholic already.


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