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Me on the Mibo: a scootering update

I had the opportunity to kick the Mibo Folding Scooter 10 kilometres today. The good news is that I could have scooted a lot farther if I had set the time aside to go the distance. As it was we threw the Mibo into the car  -- backseat on the way there/car boot on the way back -- unfolded the handlebar column and scooted along Downfall Creek .
Contrary to the earlier  impression I gave   you don't need to disassemble the handlebar column to carry the scooter. You just pull the lever, tweak the knob, collapse the column and tighten it again if you want to lock the fold into place. We're talking a 1-2 minute task that improves with practice. I expect that I'll be folding the scooter in 30 seconds flat before long..
Since the bike path I used was undulating I was  impressed with the way the Mibo held the road and the amount of glide I could harness on the descents. Smaller wheels -- than a kickbike -- means I can climb easily and generate forward motion by shifting my weight above the footboard to move the scooter's centre of gravity back and forth. 

I did however suffer from a few lower back twinges during the first 4 kilometres . This is because I need to crouch to  ride and I'm not used to crouching. The stance is similar to riding a bicycle without full extension on the pedals. BMX riders would notice nothing untoward in the alignment. But after a long term desk sentence to the computer, I do.

But with more time spent Mibo-ing I expect no postural challenges at all.

My partner has lambasted the Mibo since its arrival -- insisting that the scooter appeared to be  too short for comfortable riding. Well today she mounted it for the first time and left me behind by a couple of kilometres while I walked the dogs. "Not bad," she said., "I loved riding it."
But I aint gonna share! Get your own Mibo, dear.
Of course, I'd love a scooter with a larger wheel or similar so that I had more handlebar height. The Mibo Master (which also folds) offers this by engineering a scooter with  larger front wheel  but you really only have to go down that route if you are taller than I, and I'm 5 feet 8 inches.(175 cm)

In the meantime, me and my Mibo are spending quality time toegther.


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