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Folding the Mibo Comfort Scooter

The main reason why I was interested in the Mibo Comfort was that it folded. And fold it does into a much smaller item.
  • You release the fold lock where the stem meets the kickboard and fold the scooter back on itself 
  • You release the handle bar lock and disengage the handlebar and rod  from the stem. You then insert the handlebar rod into a  small scabbard at the rear of the footboard.

While the business of folding the scooter is straight forward and quick, inserting the handlebar into the scabbard  is confusing as it took a lot of fiddling  to get the shank to  sit firmly in the hole so I could lock it into place.
If I can carry the scooter comfortably without having to disassemble  the handlebar column -- that's what I'll be doing.
To carry the scooter I also needed to lock the folded step and kickboard together.

Lifted: around 9 kgm (a little more with the mudguards).

Source: Gizmania
It is an easy carry but not that you'd want to be carrying anything else. Simple to store. It would fit into the boot or the backseat of a car no sweat. In a train or bus: supported between your knees or stretched out on the floor. 

I also purchased a  bag with two handles to slip the scooter in for carrying.



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