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We are carbohydrate junkies.

I am not one of those who goes around with a sticker affixed: "Loose weight. Ask me how."

But I have lost weight so easily that I am gob-smacked by the experience.

You know the same old story of course:
"No matter what I did, I could not lose weight and if I did I gained it back again."
It wasn't as though I was so sedentary and such a gormandizer that I was my own worse enemy. I exercised more than any one I know and swallowed a good menu. . But as I aged and the consequences of my illness consolidated my 'big boned' body kept  going cellular.

This all changed when I switched to a low carb diet. I cannot now get over the fact that I don't hunger at all I eat to satiation and very well in way of cuisine options. My blood sugars have fallen and stabilized.

I am, in point of fact, a new man who is becoming even more novel by the day.

That such a shift in diet should have such a beneficial consequence, makes me rethink all the dietary assumptions I've been party to all my life. The low carb promise is indeed a knife that plunges into the heart of the cultural attributes   that underpin "the western diet" -- or "the Asian diet" for that matter. Indeed, "the diseases of civilization" is not simply a catch phrase but a scientific fact that begins at the counter in your local McDonalds outlet and extends way back to Ancient Mesopotamia.

Why the "western diet" should now bear down upon us with such devastating consequences today, after a few thousand years of consuming it -- in regard to such diseases of civilization as diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, etc -- may have a lot to do with the industrialization of both agriculture and food preparation. Today our calorie dense fast food intake congeals almost all the attributes that are 'bad' about the diet we have inherited.

That you can eat well today and still be a victim suggests that the epidemiology isn't as simply as staying away from soft drinks, potato chips and fast food. 

We are carbohydrate junkies.


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