Kettlebell lifting: Catherine Imes Interview

Catherine Imes is perhaps the most influential American born Kettlebell Lifter to date. She has not only earned her respect on the platform but also the admiration of men and women lifters alike from around the world. Catherine is the 1st American Master of Sport, Record holder for the 16kg Biathlon, and Coach to many advanced lifters. What’s more interesting is that even though she does not have the ideal build or the athletic background for kettlebell lifting, she continues to excel to the top, making her a true living legend in Kettlebell Sport!

Maya: What is Kettlebell Lifting in your opinion?

Catherine: Technically, it is high rep-usually ballistic Kettelbell lifts like the Jerk and Snatch. For me, it is a way to keep my conditioning at a decent level even though I don’t always have a lot of time to train. It has been a safe and effective way for me to maintain my strength, conditioning, flexibility, and mobility. I find that it has made me mentally resilient as well. Pushing myself in training is not near as difficult as it was prior to lifting KBs and I think that is because the protocols teach you how to relax even when you are uncomfortable. It is a good anti-dote to the pressures of a desk job.


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