Stand up..and type II

It's been 5 days standing up while at the computer. None of that plebeian "sit down" mode.

My years on the exercise ball ensure that I have an easy rocking and rolling at my disposal -- pivoting forward and back and wiggling left and right. You don't so much sit on the ball but ride it.

But after switching to an upright stance my early response was as though I'd caught a medicine ball in the lower gut. I felt the muscular strain in my hips, lower back and thighs as though I've discovered musculature I didn't know I had.

Is this a good thing in a sort of no pain/no gain way?

The real good news is that as the days ticked over, I was suffering less in this core area, and now feel as  I have a lot of pivot and swivel strength to wiggle around with. There's no drag about having to get up from the computer as I'm already up and can beak from my workstation and its tasks to walk around the room ...or whatever with one step. Because I'm upright I seem more posturally aware than I was when seated.this may change of course as I settle in, but I think about the location of my knees and my hips as though I'm  practicing salsa dancing.
The make up image is not however a clear representation of the hardware setup. My eyes, as they should be,  are level with the top of my computer screen so that to scroll I need to look down rather than up.My arms bend at 90 degrees at the elbow and I added a rubberised mat below my feet. 
So what have I gained?

I've forced myself to spend more energy while at the computer -- burn more calories -- by coercing  my body to work harder. I've changed the whole postural game plan from one of passivity to an active engagement. To proceed like this I need to work my legs, especially my calf muscles,  in a way they were not previously engaged with. 

I move, for crissake -- all the time! I move my ass a lot such that it's like  I have to  dance around so I can remain upright and lower and rise my hips by pivoting them as I do frequent  mini  crunches.  

As a desk bound modus vivendi goes, this is an active lifestyle.

Most Recent Adjustment
I imported two milk crates and a board to give me an elbow high bench.