Stand up..and type! -- Exploring a new desk setup

My partner, Helen, suffers from chronic tenosynovitis  a major complication if you are, as she is, trying to write your Phd. So here at maison dave posture and seatedness are issues of some community import and topic of conversation.

Since I am  suffering from  episodes of postural edema, I've rejigged my computer desk (once upon a time Aunt Marys' wonderful red Laminex kitchen table)  to force my muscles to work harder --  right down to my wee wiggly toes. 

I usually sit on an exercise ball and bounce my way through tasks at the computer. But now,   with this re-fit, I've used found objects 
An old fishing creel, two books, old shelving, cardboard index cards and a milk crate.
and raised up ( like a magicians' levitation) my screen and keyboard/mouse so that now I can stand upright as I write this.

[Just imagine me in profile outline in the accompanying photograph of my work station.]

I feel the change most of all in my calf muscles but immediately value the  easy hip movement and the ready break I can get by simply walking away from where I now stand. It's easier to work in dribs and drabs rather than  settle own for a  session of indeterminate length.

 I'll add and deduct packing  items so I can engineer the height just right in terms of ergonomics and what comforts I may allow myself.

As Ernest Hemingway said:
“writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.” 
I wonder if he was onto something?