Kickbike as cargo carrier

I have posted before about carting stuff on a kickbike.

I need a cargo vehicle you see -- if only to do the grocery shopping in dribs and drabs. The issues that come up when you try to carry stuff are all about physics and gravity and motion. 

Trade offs.

To be able to have a bin in front of the kickbike into which I can throw my gear -- whatever -- is so much me that I have to go down that route.

So my boot is in the front as it is in a Volkswagen beetle.

There are drawbacks carrying so much weight forward, but when not in portaging use the basket is a nice 1.2 kgm with open breath holes.

I may look like a shovel grader but I have a everyday use  cargo bike.

(Maybe I could lay down a magazine in it and read as I kick).


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