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VIDEO The Czechs and their scooters: a history snippet

My developing interest in the Czech scooter culture may be handicap by a language gap, but if you persist, there's some gems to be found.

The Czech dynamic seems to have taken off in the late  seventies such that the scooter passion is exemplified by events such as the one  explored in this video.

The amazing element is the small size of the scooters they deploy for these challenges. This suggests that elsewhere we have a lot to learn in way  of exploring what two small wheels can do with two human legs pushing them along. 

Document on solo performance of the scooter 24 hours non-stop ROLLO (24 HOURs NON STOP ROLLO SCOOTER) on 31.5.-1.6.1979 at Comenius set in Ostrava, who underwent Miroslav Frais scooter with his own production. The main arbitration 20 member team was Paul Vidlička, up camera recording. The aim was to travel just as the longest route for 24 hours and establish a Czechoslovak record. Total travelled route was 329.156 km in the 24th.

The performance of Mr. Ladislav Kochánek registered in the Czech Top Paper 1000, Albatros 1996 with the following commentary "... and created the Czechoslovak, perhaps even world record ... equal to the number of kilometres away from Ostrava to Vienna."
From the date of establishment of this exercise the author was not recorded any similar attempt to overcome the distance travelled for fair conditions.
Other recorded and registered fact: World record in the group of riders traveled 562,445 kilometers in 24 h established cooperative Černý, Svoboda, Pech, Srb, Žák, Kokeš, Bejček, Skutchan, Chaloupka, Hopian, D. and J. Klas on 30.3.1975 at TJ stadion KOVO Prague.

The fastest non-stop crossing the Czechoslovak Republic from Aš in Vyšné Vyšné Nemecké (1,000 kilometers) graduated in 1984, the 64th time 12 minutes K. Průcha.
Most countries of the scooter through V. Hošek, in the year 1972 fled after 28 countries, 12,500 km (source: Ladislav Kochánek 1000 Czechoslovak Top, Albatros 1988).
Last known endurance ride the scooter graduated Oldrich Kostka from the south to the north Australia in 2007 in the length of more than 3,000 km.


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