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Folding scooter. Mibo Scooter

Koloběžka MIBO Gepard
My research  on folding scooters -- as I have  noted -- arrived at the Mibo Comfort (or 'Komfort') as they say in Czech.

I wouldn't have given Mibo much attention except that that's all  they do: make scooters. They make a 17  different size and design scooters.

MIBO Monto
Koloběžka MIBO Turist
It stands to reason that if you make scooters -- and only scooters -- you should know what you are doing if you were  going to break and pivot the main stem and fold the machine on top of itself.

If you check out Mibo scooters on YouTube  you'll be treated to a few clips showing youth bashing and banging down their whole weight on scooters that fly and jump underneath them.

I'm not about to do any of that. Never have and never will. But it's nice to know that the technology and skill exists to ensure that something can be built to sustain such punishment.

Unfortunately, I visited the main skateboard shop here in Brisbane -- and I've worked with them arranging local community skateboarding comps in the past -- and was offered beyond the Razor style scooter two 8 inch wheel folding  options which were very poorly made. Designed for jumping only they had plastic rather than pneumatic tires (like the Razor).

So Mibo looks better and better...

This clip of Breta Krhut freestyling on a Mibo scooter gives you an idea of the engineering stresses -- and the skill and guts --  involved.

MIBO Comfort

Folding model of urban scooters
  • Designed for children and adults, suitable for caravans, boats, etc., for riders with a body height 110-180 cm,
  • Specifications: Length 116 cm, height handlebars 80cm, weight 8 kg, height floor 5cm, Round 12 1 / 2 ", capacity 100 kg, frame warranty 3 years
  • Equipment: Folding steel frame, front and rear brake V-brake, wheel Classic 12 1 / 2 alu 24, Kenda tires 12 1 / 2 x 2.25, steel bars, steel. stem with RU, rubber handles, bell
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Capacity: 120 kg


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