Folded it/back pack it/mountain roll down with it.

For those who wonder and have the guts and dough, maybe this new German design is to their liking : The Bergmönch

I think it is way over the top (or up the mountain and over the top) and so very much  about commodity promotion.The design, nonetheless, captures some of the flexible capacity of the simple scooter frame to be turned to a specific function: a backpack which is also  a downhill racer.

What's especially interesting, given the demands of a scooter frame, is that the adaptions forged with the Bergmonch, create a machine that is strong enough to take the stresses such a trip down the mountain would require, albeit with much less running board room.
"Climbing uphill it's carried like a rucksack – for descents it mutates into a fun-packed downhilling device par excellence!

"Going uphill you can climb unrestricted, with hands and senses free, then swoosh back down to valley level either standing or kneeling according to the terrain!"


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