Bluetongue lizard : looking for a hidey hole

Upset by the attention of the dogs, here at maison dave, this Bluetongue was moved into cover.
It settled down and deflated enough so it could have its picture taken. I love bluetongues and it's always a pity around our place to see therm pancaked (and disemboweled) on the road when they use the asphalt to warm their reptilian engines in front of traffic. Then there are the terrors of cats and dogs... and for the smaller ones, kookaburras. But they keep coming back to settle. This time of year they are looking for hidey holes to winter in, so they are on the march. Unfortunately the new vogue for wooden fences restricts inter property transit, and they have to go around perimeters rather than under them. They are so slow and ponderous with no defences other than puffing themselves up and exposing their gaping mouth and delightfully blue tongue. They bite, but there's no poison just a dirty wound.Even while aggro they are easy to catch. This one was 40 cm long and could be the youngster I moved to a safe place two years ago.