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VIDEO Kettlebell routine 3 minutes flat

.Tabonga2001 July 01, 2007 — Leonard Wu, RKC, demonstrates Dr. Mark Cheng's Kettlebell "Trifecta" with a 24 kg (53 lb) kettlebell. If you've got no more than 3 minutes to be able to crank out a full-body workout, this is the workout for you. As long as you're able to do the snatch, the clean, and the swing with good form, you've got your ultimate 3-minute fitness and conditioning solution right here!

The format is simple - 30 seconds per hand of snatches, 30 seconds per hand of cleans, and 60 seconds of swings (with any number of hands or switches). Once the timer starts, the kettlebell must remain off the ground, and hand switches must be done in mid-air, as Wu is demonstrating.

For your convenience, we shot this clip of Instructor Wu doing the Kettlebells Los Angeles "Trifecta" for the full 3 minutes so you can follow along.

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