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Women and Kettlebelling -- Will my daughter join them?

My daughter complains  that she has neither the time in her life  nor the motivation to exercise regularly. 

The problem is, of course, that you need a very good reason to push the body through a workout and set time aside to do that. Maybe it is secondary to something else like walking the dog or because you want to be slimmer or because you can no longer touch your toes or have health issues...

There is always the possibility, you see, that you may not enjoy it!

Let's assume that that is your problem.

In cases such as this I think the kettlebell becomes a very viable option, primarily because you can attain a very good workout by spending just ten minutes at it. That's right: ten minutes!

For the newbie woman a single  8 kgm kettlebell is probably all you need. Later as you get more proficient and adventurous, go up the scale. But that isn't an imperative. Lifting light weights like this is a great way to explore the basic kettlebell routines over and over again.

Kettlebells also come in a 4 kgm size -- if you want to start your experience at a very low weight.
The best place to purchase kettlebells is online -- search cheap kettelebllsEmporiums like Target now have low weight kettlebells at cheap prices. Elsewhere you'll pay much more.
To fill ten minutes with kettlebell lifting/swinging makes for a very intense workout.You won't have to change your clothes or put on special footwear. You can even do it watching the TV.

I mainly use 12kgm k-bell at the moment as I am trying to increase the number of my reps and not so much the total weight I  lift. For  lifting weight challenges I am still stuck at 16 kgm, but I l have a range of routines I can apply which will extend me during any one workout  despite my limited weight options -- in my case two K-bells, one  of 12 kgm and  another of 16kgm.

I am however lifting heavier weights in supervised conditions at the gym.

My likely next advance is to lift 2 kettlebells at once in order to consolidate the clean and jerk -- but I could just as easily do that with one.

K-Bell weights  go up (or down) by multiples of 4 kgm -- or traditionally as denominators or multiples of 1 Pood (16kgm) --- that is, if we were in Russia --which is the country where kettlebells ( girya  in Russian) and kettlebell  sport  (Girevoy Sport) was embraced and  became  a mass popular exercise activity.

But sport level or not, the bells are such tools that no matter what you put into them, you get a return  much more -- in terms of 'productivity' -- than a lot of other routines that may also have a sharp accommodation and training curve.

But you need to lift properly so watching the videos -- such as the ones here -- is where you should start.  And always, lift correctly.Never carelessly. Always with intent and purpose. One mistake and you may pay for it.


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