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VIDEO: Where I seem to be workout wise.

I've just come back from pushing the kickbike around the neighborhood for maybe 2-3 kilometres. No stops. No gravity assist. Just kick,kick, kick /change leg/ kick,kick, kick. This I gotta do as often as I can as it is so hard crawling back to the physiological capacity of yore -- BS -- Before Swine Flu.

That I am so sore and stiff is a bit of a complication. It is so much easier just to assume a reclining position, sleep or read a novel...or sleep. The fatigue is often so overwhelming . But the knack --  the skill, the mastery even -- is to push the envelope as soon as there is a window of physical opportunity.

So while stiff and sore all day I prevented my carcass assuming a reclining position ( Brownie Points there)and when opportunity presented itself , shopped in the AM, went fishing, cooked tea and then realized I had a bit more in me. So on the kickbike I go and around the neighborhood I kick.

And I only had recourse to two tabs of analgesia....Two tabs. Most days this week I'm taking two or three times that!

And later on tonight I may get my hands on the kettlebells and do ( let me see if I can get this right as my numbers are slowly climbing):
50 double arm swings
50 single arms (50L & 50R)
Maybe 30 snatches( 30L & 30R) -- but I'd like to do 50
'Tis amazing what you can do when you try.

But if I had a resolution it is to get on the kickbike more  so I'd like to do the neighborhood at as fast as I can any evening I can manage it rather than relying on walking the dogs for 40 minutes. It's my version of  jogging: no weight bearing issues with knee strike; a good stride stretch pushing the leg forward and dragging it way back as far as the limb will go both ways.

The complication  always is that you become enclosed and insular  when you are chronically ill. So it is always a good idea, " to get out more." And if there are shortcuts you take em. That's not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. Instead of being driven to the shops it doesn't always seems  sensible to walk and with an in-house chauffeur at the moment, these shortcuts become  de rigueur.

Better to put your body through the ringer. No pain no gain all the way.

Unfortunately, if I laid down now, I'd sleep maybe 2 hours. And,just quietly, I'm totally spent and would love to shut my eyes....


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