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A real honest to god exercise injury

When I was growing up, that someone "pulled a hamey " or had a "cartilage tear" was the epitome of male sportsmanship. With every sport a certain collateral damage was to be expected, and in a sort of masochistic way, even hoped for as proof positive of your seriousness.

And I have now joined those Alpha Male ranks. I have a 'twinge' in my lower back.

This is what I've been given -- by whoever parcels out pain -- for striding  with a tad too much strain when kickbiking the neighborhood. I can even tell you where and when the twinge kicked in -- two metres from the end of Larwill Avenue, yesterday at approximate 9.37am.

So this is lay-up day -- a day for the upper body while the lower portions rest. The oddity was that the pain only surfaced last night when my rear portion was at rest. So like some confluence of celestial bodies my body's physiology may have its own capacity for Einsteinian Relativity.

There is , afterall, a time for every purpose (& pain)under heaven...


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