New workout/training routines combined with new kickbike route around the neighbourhood

After exploring my local kickbiking options and kicking hither and yon I am now trying to keep to a daily kickbike routine. My thinking is that if I can get on the bike early enough in the day I can notch up a session in the same way a jogger would go for his run.So rather than rely on the off chance I need to commute, for my exercise time,  I've begun doing circuits of my neighborhood block

Thanks to Google Maps (see below), I have now measured out an approximate 1 kilometre circuit which is basically down my street to the creek, along the creek and back home by a parallel street. There's a little rise coming back up from the creek as there is a fall towards it, but the route is mainly flat.

This stretches me a lot as I do try to go at a strong pace and no doubt will start logging lap times for each circuit or number of circuits. The advantage with the set and contained distance is that I'm not heading off unable to travel  back  home because I break down at some distance from my front gate. So I can do whatever number of kilometres are in me each day and stop when I've had enough -- next time I pass the finishing/starting line.

The other advantage with the route is that I don't bother with a helmet as this is all quiet suburban streets. So it's a tad cooler without the headgear. It may not be exotic and  offer fresh scenery each time, but there's a certain Zen to be had when you're pushing along the asphalt whizzing past the neighbours. I haven't done circuit training like this since secondary school when I used to compete in 880yds and one mile races over the Summer athletics season.

The other advantage of circuit training like this is that you get more bang for your minute, especially if I try to beat the clock. With the set distance I'm lending my kickbiking to measurement so I can readily register my gains.

The irony is that each day I'm spending some time in bed but -- and this is the real plus -- I am experiencing quicker recovery from stiffness, fatigue  and pain so that I'm able to do more at least for short intervals.

I'm also, because of the weather, stiffening up quickly so that each day  has a  diurnal variation that is almost rhythmic . Because I'm upping my exercise quotient I'm more attune to where the bod is at despite the fact that my health is mercurial. So rather than being totally non compos mentis for the best part of my waking existence, I have bouts of an extended capacity so I can do more physically than if I had been abed.

 In my gym work I'm now  being coached  for standard weight lifting clean and jerk so that I concentrate on developing my  form. That and the boxing are my main activities  at each Friday's session. So at home when I lift the kettlebells, I've got a greater sense of what makes for good technique. 

It all seems to be working and while I can't hold the ravages at bay, a I can at least ameliorate their impact.


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