Moreton Bay Brisbane Northside Fishing Zones

After being in bed all day...I've cheered myself up by creating a zonal fishing map for my patch of Morton Bay.Since I don't have to travel far to get to the water  I wanted to know what locales where in my ambit.

Where I usually go -- where Shultz Canal forms an inlet at Nudgee Beach -- bottom right -- there is a slim fishing zone along the northern bank although the rest of the foreshore is protected all the way to the Cabbage Tree Creek inlet at Shorncliffe.

Not shown -- I can catch a train to Shorncliff and walk 150 metres to fish. Getting to Nudgee Beach is either by car or kickbike -- 5 kilometres -- although there is a bus service, it stops around midday and begins again at school knock off.Running from Brighton to Clontarf  is the old Horneybrook Hwy Bridge which is a much visited fishing spot by Northsiders.There's also Sandgate Pier and jetties at Cabbage Tree Creek and Woody Point.

All I have to do is  visit and fish.

Once I build the Thuyền thúng Coracle I'll be able to expand my reach although I doubt that QRail will let me take it on the train. (But that prospect  has my attention! Maybe if I made it with a smaller diameter...?)


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