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VIDEO: Grivony Sport over 60.

There's a website run by a Sydney doctor who has a Russian background --Girevoy Sport after 40.

It is one of the best and most useful of the Kettlebell sites -- "Girevoy Sport" is kettlebell lifting. 

Since I'm 20 years after his 'after', I need to take my threshold measures where I can find them. We don't want the fam coming upon Dave flat out and hypoxic   with a kettlebell indent in his chest, cranium or abdomen.

But the news is I'm back.I am beginning to lift longer at heavier weights than I've been able to for most of 2009. That H1N1 took the heave hoes out of me mid year and it's taken me until now to climb back to where I once lifted.
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So when you mark up the lifts  and show off the armpits more than of yore -- you start winning back a bit of confidence.Like the little choo choo engine: I know I can.

But hey! look at the technique! I'm way over to the side when I should be straight up and down
(even though this  sequence has been shot  somewhere close to the thirtieth consecutive lift. In Girevoy sport that's no excuse!).
It looks like I'm going to have to take more video so I can study my mistakes.


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