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Where I'm at Kettlebell-ing

Just so that I have it down somewhere for this anno domini 2009 -- I'm managing , at least this last week, daily Kettlebell workouts for 15-20 minutes
  • 12 kgm KB -- Tabata Squats 2 sets x 20 reps
  • 16 kgm KB -- double hand swings x 40 reps
  • 12 kgm KB -- right hand x 40 / left hand x 40 reps
  • 12 kgm KB -- snatches -- right hand x 15 / left hand x 15 reps.
That's not bad considering that my health isn't so good at the moment. Improving but not so good.

I also get to cross check my progress by measuring how well I go at the gym each Friday morning -- doing focus mitts boxing and a range of lifting challenges. While I skip rope, I don't do enough of that. I want to do pull ups but I need to get some weight off before I could even consider doing any unassisted. So I'm at that plateau stage -- meddling along and strenuously working without much in the way of  explosive  progress. As you get older  exercise doesn't register so easily  on your body  and over exercise registers far too well.So if I can do a gym session on Friday and manage to do a workout on Saturday and/or Sunday thereafter I know I'm ahead of the body's pain threshold and moved my 'fitness' up a wee notch.

For 2010?
I like settiing goals so in the year that begins shortly I hope to:
  1. re-establish a minimum KB lift threshold of 16kgm and move up to using a 24 kgm bell;
  2. really work on my KB lifting technique
  3. do a couple of sparring rounds  with a passive opponent
  4. do at least 3 pull ups unassisted.
  5. establish some regular distance road wok on the kickbike.

Below is a circuit workout  developed by Denis Kanygin -- a Russian born Kettlebell instructor -- with a straightforward  approach to getting some lifting done..

Denis Kanygin : Beginner's Circuit 


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