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I'm back, sort of.

I don't know how long it has been since I did a thorough at home workout.The regime I had aspired to for the last two years had been
  • one half hour of  exercise 
  • daily
This didn't include walking hither and yon or kickbiking.

An indication of how challenged I've been is that I've not done anything like that in the past 4 months. But today I managed a session lasting 15 minutes which comprised:
  • rope skipping
  • kettlebells
In the past I had done some bag work with the gloves on to make up a full half hour workout --  but today...I wasn't up to that.

The standard kettlebell routine I am now managing comprises:
  • Kettlebell Double arm swing - 1 set x 15 reps
  • Kettlebell Single Arm Swing - 2 set x 15 reps
  • Kettlebells Power Cleans - 2 set x 10  reps
  • Kettllebell  Snatch -- 2 set x 15 reps
..using my single  16kgm kettle bell.

I also like to do Tabata Squats (pic right)as part of my session but did not do them today .

And that's it. My aim is basically to do the rope skipping   > KettleBells > Tabata Squats  boxing bag work daily for a half hour. It's hard to keep up , but  for days on end sometimes I can do it. I try to sneak around my protesting body by slipping in short sessions of these sets a few times each day. But you know, you get forgetful...and lazy.

And sometimes I take pain killers so I can do it. And sometimes the exercise is a pain killer.(but not always can I rely on those endorphins).

And each Friday at 9.30am I go to my gym -- Northside Boxing --  and have a session with my trainer for 30 minutes. At those times I try to work on my form . I do three rounds boxing the focus mitts.  That's always the regular item. After that it's a bit eclectic. But this year my aim is to be able to do chin ups unassisted. -- just as last year I wanted to master rope skipping.

And maybe  sometime -- in a year's time -- I'll get into the ring for a light bout.

For now though I gotta move forward: today, 15 minutes. Tomorrow the whole dam world!

(I'm thinking of Atlas)