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Catherine Imes : making the most of a kettlebell lift

On April 21st, 2007, Catherine Imes achieves Master of Sport Rank with World Kettlebell Club by completing 192 reps.-Snatch..

This is a kick arse achievement. It amazes me how well women do with Kettlebells as  the repetitive kettlebell lift is a marriage of strength, stamina, breathing, and postural control. It isn't just brute strength.and women have taken to the sport/device with great success, such that there is even a range of pink kettlebells....!

I find the snatch a very difficult to lift to sustain as it is so dependent on good body mechanics as you swing upwards you  move your centre of gravity forward and back.

There's a great interview with Cate Imes here at Australian Kettlebells from which the video  below is shared. Check out her training schedule.

Catherine Imes is the USA’s first Master of Sports and has several world championships in Girevoy sport under her belt. Anyone who has seen footage of Cate training or competing will know two things about her: 1) she is a VERY tough individual 2) she has excellent form.
Cate has been coaching me online for the past four months or so and has certainly taken my lifting beyond what I thought possible in such a short time frame. She has kindly answered some questions below to give you an insight into the training of a true champion.
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Get a load of these wonderful  lifts!


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