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Prospects for 2009

I'm having the most comfortable Summer I've had in years , thanks to my exercise regime. Despite the occasional relapses -- this week of almost three days -- I can bounce back out of bed and get back on my feet doing the normal stuff in one quick turn around.

The main motor for this is the workouts which I now do 3-4 times per week with a trainer conducted session each Friday. But it has taken me all of 20 months to get to this level of 'fitness' response. Nonetheless my progress now is heartening and I'm able to work harder and longer.

The key elements of my routines are:
  1. Skipping: I can skip! Despite my continuing heavy weight I can skip hundreds of times in one place without much strain to my system. So each workout begins with skipping.
  2. Boxing: I do at elast three rounds of boxing -- either on the bag or focus mitts. I love it.
  3. Kettlebells: My regime has qualitatively changed since I seriously took up with kettlebells. It has given more the ability to work on and activate my lower core regions and opened a brand new world up to me. I'm now exploring dead lifts as well and pull ups. In the same mode I've been exposed to a range of exotic training regimes: CrossFit, Underground Strength and Tabata
  4. Kickbike: Betwixt and between porting me hither and yon is me on my kickbike.


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