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The joys, oh the joys!, of single speed bikes

The Single Speed bike forum addressed the topic of Why single speed? In case you haven't noticed a kickbike is a single speed bicycle (without peddles). Here's an amalgam of the advantages from a subjective POV.

  1. It makes me stronger.
  2. It makes me more supple.
  3. It works my entire body.
  4. It makes me pick the best lines.
  5. It makes me ride more efficiently.
  6. In local terrain I'm certainly no slower (than those with gears).
  7. It lets me ride through the woods and think of nothing but riding through the woods.
  8. That's pretty much all I need.
  9. It prooves that I'm not a lamb to the slaughter of the marketing men
  10. Singlespeeding is almost silent
  11. It demonstrates that I can assemble my own bike
  12. It shows that I'm bohemian in outlook - finding the real truth in all aspects of my existance
  13. You don't need much expertise to maintain it
  14. Choose any currency - I can build a pretty good singlespeed for 50
  15. It's less likely to get stolen
  16. It's future-proof and will never look outdated
  17. It engenders real faith and committment
  18. I can enjoy all the qualities of a steel frame without an overall weight penalty
  19. It has that clean, elegant look of pure simplicity and fitness for purpose
  20. My SS bike is an instrument, rather than a machine
  21. I can put it away dirty
  22. "singlespeed make you strong"
  23. SS is the way forward in claggy conditions.
  24. "I like to ride, not operate my bike"


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