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Shultz's Canal tour

I live 10 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD on the shoulder of the airport. So I get to ride the bike track that runs along Kedron Brook and Shultz's Canal to Nudgee Beach.

If I start from home and travel south toward Toombul shoppingtown or I short cut via the old German Cemetery(the area was first settled by German missionaries who sought to bring christianity to the local Turrbul peoples) Either way I reach Kedron Brook -- I can then turn east to ride the bike track, then arc back home at the Nudgee Waterhole, past the Golden Circle Cannery to home.

Bikeway Map
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I've now established this as my preferred 'run'. It's about 12 kilometres.

If you can deal with the snakes -- green tree snakes and yellow belly black snakes -- who frequent the parkway, either in the long grass chasing a bird donated dinner of eggs or basking on the asphalt --it's an inspiring journey.

Shultz's Canal

When they built the Brisbane airport they diverted Kedron Brook around it and created this straightline canal which borders the airport on its north edge. The canal is tidal up to Sandgate Road and is surprisingly busy with fish life. When this shot was taken some kids were catching mullet fry in the canal and had had their line taken by a shark. This strip is often used to catch bait fish and crustaceans.
Salty Waterfall

The creek at the end of my street in Northgate used to be a series of w freshwater waterholes (see my Cannery Creek blog) but with the engineering for the airport they deepened the creek so that today it is tidal. The gums died off, the turtles disappeared, the waterlilies died and mangroves colonized the riparian verges and it became a factory drain

But where the creek meets Shultz's Canal each day there's a two way waterfall as the incoming or outgoing tide rushes over a ford.You sit by it and think you are off somewhere else in the bush.

[Note my front wheel panniers -- click image to enlarge view.]


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