To Nudgee Beach by kickbike

I finally got myself a set of front wheel panniers and this AM attached them(as shown to left) to the front forks.

To celebrate the greatly increased carrying capacity I kicked myself to Nudgee Beach which for me is the next stop east of the Nudgee Waterholes [past the southern border of the Boondall Wetlands.

It's something of a northside bicycling standard as the Shultz Canal and Kedron Brook bike path leads directly there.

My fare was an OK steak sandwich at Pam's Cafe -- the only store in Nudgee Beach --with a little bit too much beetroot. I am not a beetroot supporter.

I then traversed the mangroves walk. A view of that route is seen in this image below -- Nudgee Creek inlet looking north.

I rehydrated myself.

Then turned my two wheels west.

The tragedy was for some others that as I traversed my route east in the first instance there was a northbound traffic jam on the Gateway Arterial when I crossed it via the overpass. Then on my way back that gridlock was still there.

Oh the joys, the joys of a Sunday drive!

So I scooted above the traffic stopped to check out the turtles in the waterholes then proceeded to the pub to purchase a couple of bottles of cheap wine.

The route home is more or less down hill past the Golden Circle Cannery.

And in my panniers: the vino.


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