My new kickbike arrives

My new kickbike arrived at 5.30pm today. It's a Sport Classic.

After the dogscooter this kickbike is so light! A mere 10 kgms! It's the lightest two wheels I've ever been on -- so you can imagine how much further you can get from the one scoot. I'd guess maybe five times further and three times faster than the chubby dogscooter with the one kick effort.

I zoom along! And with each kick/scoot it's just you and the road -- something like a glider in the air.

A wonderful sensation of forward motion. I love it! I think it's even a better sense of motion than I had expected from my earlier trial.

These machines are a long way from a bicycle even in the sensation of 'riding' them. There's a special and unique feel that I was so much taken with --that in fact actually does exist. So in the thrill of moving so far so fast, you don't notice how much extra effort you are investing in the exercise. Passion gets the better of you because theres' a thrill that excites you.

So Day One: tops!


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