Magpie strike!

So there I was. Happy as Oppy kicking along on my new kickbike today when out of the blue -- I mean out of the blue as it was sunny day -- this (obviously nesting)magpie dives me nicking me a centimetre short of my left eye ball.

I pick up the pace trying to outrun the critter and it dives on me again and again, striking me another two times over the next 150 metres in the space of about seven attacks.

So when I come to the traffic lights and the bird is quite irritated and fixing to attack again, I get off my new kickbike and cross the road with it held above my head as an umbrella.

The kickbike -- being but 10kgm in weight can be used as an umbrella as circumstances may dictate -- but not , I add, to ward of rain drops.

Was it the fact that I was there? that I was on a bike? on a red kickbike? that I was on foot (given that this was the busiest road on the northside)....


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