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Suffering from irony

With this scooter-ing existence I've signed up to, the recent racheting up of my kicking along has made me dither. I had decided I'd part with my dogscooter and get myself a KickBike.

A fair exchange I thought.

But, as irony would have it, the increase use I put to my dogscooter to has exposed me to its utility much more. Now I standardly shop with my dogscooter since I added a milk crate to the back carrier. So with the back crate full up with vegetables and the front pannier chockers with groceries -- I can carry overflow in my back pack such that my journey load must be standardly over20 kgms.

En route homeward I coast down hills, and push the scooter like a trolley when not harnessing gravity -- such that my dogscooter makes a very useful shopping cart. I'm independent of public transport dependencies and can freely come and go to the supermarket within the confines of my load limit.

Not bad -- despite the dogscooter's cumbersome handling and structural weight.

After my episode on the KickBike I admit that, in comparison, the dogscooter handles like a tank. To move faster and more easily hither and yon the ergonomics of the KickBike must transcend the dosgscooter by a factor of at least 3 or 4-- three or four times faster three or four times lighter whiel being a lot easier to handle and more comfortable to ride.

But I gotta ask: can it handle the shopping?

The few images I can find of a KickBike carrying stuff (aside form a human pusher) are like this one (below) which makes the bike look like a mule.

And the load is to the front.

While this is the best place to carry a load in my experience as it offers you a gravitational drag [pulling you forward] -- it isn't the only place if other options were available -- which on a KickBike, there aren't!

So the KickBike as a shopping vehicle may have is limitations.

So you see...

I have this conundrum that I may end up with two scooters each with different uses.

I may be keeping the dogscooter when I trade up to the Kickbike.

Anyhow, more KickBike videos:

Switch Feet Demo:

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