As if my life wasn't painful enough! I'm pretty sure that I suffer for chronic gout My medical picture is confusing but does date back 7 years to my first attack and I guess a lot of my immobility has been engineered by this monster(aptly represented by James Gillroy in the above image).

I won't bore you with a lecture on the disease except to note this definition:
Gout (also called metabolic arthritis) is a disease due to a congenital disorder of uric acid metabolism. In this condition, monosodium urate or uric acid crystals are deposited on the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and surrounding tissues due to elevated concentrations of uric acid in the blood stream. This provokes an inflammatory reaction of these tissues. These deposits often increase in size and burst through the skin to form sinuses discharging a chalky white material.
There's another feature not mentioned: pain! Pain! Pain! Pain!

So I have this handicap that impinges on my daily fare and merges so terribly with my long time fibromyalgia.

There are ways to treat gout and these are rich and rare: cherries, medications, water intake, celery, pineapples, no anchovies..lay off the kidneys. Eat nuts...and chocolate! No grog.

And onset can be caused by a host of factors: sudden weight change, surgery, stress, over indulgence in high amine foods.

That's easy. The hard part is surviving and dealing with an attack.

So you wanna see my big toes?
...No you don't!

I can also feel the uric acid build up in my two typing fingers on each hand....


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