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GI Kickbiker

Being a big guy -- I'm my father's son more and more -- I'm keen, neigh sentenced, to reduce my weight -- or suffer.

After sometime upping my activity and exercise, my conundrum is that I'm losing very little weight. I feel better. I can move more easily. I'm bouncier...but I'm still the body corporate I had become.

The annoying aspect is that while I held to the belief that dieting will indeed make you fat I am still...'fat'. I had made calculations on my diet as to content, proportions and calorie intake and everything stacked up rather well ,I thought my lifestyle was conducive to weight reduction.

But it appears that that's not a' happening very much at all.

So I'm going to diet. But which diet?

With borderline diabetes (thanks Dad!) and an urgent need to reduce my bulk this isn't a walk in the woods --despite the number of walks I may do.

So I'm going the GI Diet route.

For me, the physiological logic of the GI approach explains my failures as while I've been reducing fat I've been increasing my bulk carbohydrate load as a major dietary intervention at the same time as cutting fat and, I thought, total calories...

Wrong says GI. It's the type of carbohydrate you consume that makes all the difference, quantities of this and that are a secondary aspect of your intake.

So aside from the books my resource list is going to be:
So them's my onions, so to speak, and my present task is to now map out my gastronomical shift and psych myself up to make the changes.

Then go shopping after informing the fam that they too will be eating different.

PS: So you see, this blog ain't going to be for Kickbiker ultra sports freaks looking for a speed rush. It's for the sedentary types like me -- well passed their sporty prime -- who may decide to kick along and who have a commitment to using "bicycles" to get around hither and yon. So I'm off the page somewhat when it comes to much Kickbike literature and Kickbike culture.

It's also about people -- such as moi! --with chronic illness trying to once again mount a two wheeler and to use it effectively to get around. I guess I'm already astride the thing.

So this is my journey...


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