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Where I'm coming from

I've been trying to generate a better exercise regime for most of this year. I started at a very low level of daily walks with the dog -- something I've done for decades -- but over time I enriched these by employing trekking poles.

I've used a cane to walk with for almost 15 years and gravitated to trekking poles as my standard mode of dress. When "walking" for exercise I use two. When walking out and about during everyday activities -- I use one .

I swear by them. Get yourself a pair. They're the best thing I've ever bought.


I got into the poles not only because I needed a walking stick and was reliant on one but also because I used to do most of my hard core exercising in the domestic pool.
Our pool at home here is a 3 metre diameter round aquaculture tank -- in a Dixie Cup shape --deep enough for the water level to come up to my chest nipples. I'd work out by dragging myself around and around the pool in half hour training sessions.

The action of reaching forward to drag myself along on two feet made me recognise the sense of trekking poles long before I got my own pair. I was cross country ski-ing in my sub tropical swimming pool.

10,000 Steps

Another great discovery has been the 10,00 Steps Program This is a website that offers motivational interactivity as you get to log your progress by keeping your own inspiring records. All you need is a good pedometer and the 10,000 Steps one is the best I've used.

Here is my trekking story below:

Daily Step Log: July 2007
The very low figures are days I could hardly walk
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Start Date: 24 th May 2007
Progress steps: 781,012 (over 69 days, 69 with steps entries)
Your next milestone: 1 million steps
Remaining steps: 218,988 steps
Your average steps per day: 11,319

At present I'm trying to engineer a daily scootering regime in preparation to stepping up to the Kickbike plate.


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