02 August, 2019

Massage for Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain Syndrome

IF you suffer from muscle pain, either constantly or as a too frequent visitation, you may like to consider the role of trigger points in producing your distress.
While a deep tissue massage may seem like a good idea -- finding a good massage therapist (& one ruled by the science) isn't easy nor does their time come cheap.
But self massage is do-able and you can have a session any time you feel you need it.
Of course, it helps to know what you are doing. You want to know why.
Since I was a professional massage therapist at one time I highly recommend buying this book and studying it as a sort of DIY manual.
As a long time -- >30 years -- sufferer of brutal pain and stiffness I now find self massage -- daily in my case -- works to alleviate some of the intensity of the inconvenient soreness of Fibromyalgia.
The fact is that you can never have too many massages if you are in muscular pain when that soreness responds to informed touch.

Sprinter comes to the kitchen garden

After a warmer than usual, a Climate Change, July gives way to August. It looks like we've had our serving of 'Winter'.
Here's a walk around the beds...